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mill1.jpg55 So. Commercial St. is the southern wing of Mill #10 of the Amoskeag mill complex. Built in 1901, the building was designed for the wool division to weave, dye, bleach and finish gingham and worsted fabrics. It operated in that capacity until the Amoskeag company went into bankruptcy in 1935. The flood of 1936 brought water ten feet high into the first floor and left three feet of sand behind. Amazingly, very little damage was done to the structure of the building itself. Clearly these buildings were well engineered.

mill2.jpgIn the years from 1938 through the mid 1970s, various textile manufacturing companies operated throughout the complex, but gradually died away as that industry moved off shore. The building, along with the entire millyard area, faltered for many years. The Langer family purchased the building in 1992, mainly as a home for it's own manufacturing companies. In the mid 1990s, the city changed the zoning of the millyard from industrial to mixed use, enabling new life to breathe into the whole area.

langer.jpgIn the years since that change, Langer Place has become a creative community housing design and art studios, galleries, manufacturing, photography studios, wood workers, patent attorneys, and much more. To learn more about the talented people within our walls, visit their websites found on the tenant listing page.

Photographic Credits:
Library of Congress, Manchester Historic Association Collection